Second version of triptych (1944), Francis Bacon
Concerning all those Gurus, and those ‘illuminated’
Self-forged ‘masters’
Owners of their own islands
They seem so irreducible on their own
But when they happen to scramble
When they must endure on the stands
They tilt their heads up a bottom
They touch their chins with their forefingers
And you can see the flames in their eyes
And sense their thoughts are roaring
Full of stir
Full of resentment
Full of judgement.

2 comentários sobre “Guru

  1. I thought a little bit more about your post and now I have an opinion.

    The guru is not the one that eliminates his bad side, because this is impossible for several reasons, but is the one that can control it in an artistic level. He controls it every-fuckin-moment, like a big cloud preventing the sunlight to reach the earth.

    Furthermore, when I see a person trying to pass any kind of impression about any subject; when he’s measuring the details and, at the same time, undercovering it, he’s obviously an amateur. In the other hand, the like-a-boss ultimate guru just doesn’t fuckin care; it’s always about “whatever”.

    It’s always important to understand the difference between success and happiness. There are ways to achieve success and be unhappy and vice-versa.

    The amateur guru does it for success. The true guru does it for happiness.
    The amateur guru HAS knowledge. The true guru IS knowledge.
    The amateur guru THINKS HARD about it. The true guru FEELS it and start babbling about it.

    That’s why the amateur uses a lot of complicated words and the true guru does not.
    The amateur tries to cause an impact. The true guru just babbles anything and life goes on.

    Needless to say, to be an amateur is the only way to become a true guru.
    The best amateur is the one that honestly realizes how shitty he is and, regardless, he keeps moving forward.
    And the worst amateur, the level 1 piece of shit apprentice, is the one that tries to pass the impression “I’m obviously beyond the ‘like a boss level’ because I even don’t need to say that I don’t care at all ;)))”.

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